Best Practices for Above Ground Pool Maintenance when travelling


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Jun 28, 2020
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I have a ~24,000 gallon above ground vinyl pool, 33' round, and use 12.5% bleach for routine care. Large sand filter. Pump/filter on for 1.5 hours mid-day, and 4.5 hrs at night. I use the TF100 kit, daily, weekly tests. Going on my 2nd year now using Pool Math App and TFP guidance and have had a crystal clear awesome pool experience overall! Only issue I had was earlier this season started to develop a cloudiness problem, but thru research following the SLAM process, and we are back in business! For the first time since owning the pool I will be gone for 1.5 weeks and am stressed about how to maintain it so I return to a nice clear pool. I plan to put my solar cover on and vacuum/brush well before leaving. I need to know what is the right FC level to achieve.
pH stays around 7.5-7.6 consistently even after some rain
CYA is at 45. TA is 90.
I maintain FC at 4-8, as needed checking daily
I only use liquid chlorine, so do I raise FC To near the SLAM level then leave it? That is typically 2-3 gallons (crude measurement). Or do I ask someone to come by and chance that they will test it correct and dose, or just have them add another gallon toward the later part of the week. I assume with the solar cover the FC will come down slowly. When I did the SLAM process, it came down over the course of 3-4 days back in range with no cover on. Pool is in full sun. Thank you for tips/guidance!


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Aug 15, 2017
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If you know your pool and what it usually takes on the FC daily you wouldn't need anyone to test. All they would need to do is drop X amount of chlorine in daily and give the water a swirl. You would make sure before you leave that all levels are where they belong and the timer should be set for the filter to run its course daily.
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Jul 3, 2013
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If you used 5 pucks in a floater you would get below... that would kick your CYA to 50, no issue at all.. :)

That would get you through the 1.5 weeks no issue... You could raise your FC to SLAM level or like 15FC before you leave, throw in the floater and don't worry about it...

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May 28, 2020
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I went away for 6 nights last week. Before I left I raised FC to shock level, put the solar cover on, took the sock out of the filter basket, and loaded up 5 trichlor tabs in the floater. While gone I ran the pump on low speed for about 8 hours a day (controlled remotely through smart outlet).

When I got back, FC was 1ppm BELOW shock level (15ppm). I got back Sunday afternoon I removed what was left of the tabs in the floater, and I still haven't had to add any chlorine as the level drifts back down to normal.

I have, however, been aerating all week to counter the acid effect of the trichlor. It's almost back to normal.
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