Best practice closing a Fiberglass EcoFinish pool?


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Jun 9, 2016
Hi All,

This year due to industry gelcoat issues with my fiberglass pool I had EcoFinish sprayed in as a solution. I just recently had another layer sprayed in due to some fading/chalking issues that may have been caused by my chlorine habits. Mainly running higher chlorine than the recommended 1-3 ppm and shocking a few times with Cal-Hypo. I was also told to not adjust calcium hardness and let it stay low. So going forward the plan is to disregard the calcium, use on non-chlorine shock and keep SWG between 1-3 ppm. I am trying to get my head around taking care of this pool with the new finish and close it properly without screwing up finish come next spring.

So I have a fresh layer of EcoFinish and I have filled to my winter level with tap water. Checked pH and adjusted down to about 7.2. TA was 35, CH 30. I have a closing kit called Nu-Clo from local pool store that has 2 lbs algaecide, 2 lbs alkalinity and 2lbs dichlor. I mixed the 2lbs algaecide in a bucket and broadcast into the pool, dropped in the 2lbs Alkalinity winterizer and mixed 1lb of the 2 lbs dichlor in a bucket and poured in. My pool is 10,000 gal but probably 5,000 gal or so in it now so I halved the diclor. Swished it around good and ran pump to mix. I checked FC and its 11 ppm now. My concern is bleaching the EcoFinish again immediately and over winter with the high FC. I know it will come down and has already since it is being used and I also have not adjusted up CYA since tap water refill but is this EcoFinish that sensitive to dichlor chlorine shock? Is the only way to go non-chlorine shock now during season and for closing\opening? To get this FC don I have drained pool down some and added more water to dilute. I may be over cautious here but if EcoFinish is this delicate it may not be a good choice for me. The info I am getting so far is not crystal clear or straightforward.

I was told to definitely stay away from Cal-Hypo and disregard raising calcium with this finish. I guess my question is what Is proper best way to now close my pool with EcoFinish surface? Since I have put dichlor in I have been trying to dilute to a point to not cause bleaching. Any advice or experience is greatly appreciated. I am trying to establish a routine again and do it right so as I am not the cause of a costly mistake.

Thanks for your help.



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Jul 21, 2013
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Put at least 30 ppm of stabilizer in your water. The CYA buffers the chlorine and only a small portion is active chlorine. That's why we can say that up to SLAM FC level - 12 for CYA 30 - is safe to swim in and would be safe for you finish.

FC/CYA Chart