Best pool on market for under $400, 15x48 or so? Intex Prism, Ultra or Bestway etc?


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Jun 5, 2014
Brentwood, Ca (Nor-Cal)

Had a Ultra frame i got for $280 back in 2014 but got rid of it. I currently have a 15x48 Intex Prism in a box while I prep the ground/figure out yard design.

Is the Intex Ultra (15x48) at Kmart an 1.5 away for $380 better than the Intex PrisM (15x48) i got from Target for $280?

Any other good brands to consider in the price range?

Plan on:
15x48 or 16x48

Hayward in wall skimmer (unless something better out?)

Intex 2500-3000 GPH sand filter (or similar if I get another brand pool)

TF100 test kit or Taylor 2600


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I have a Bestway and I'm happy with it. Good thick vinyl, heavy gauge metal in the frame, powder coated inside and out. Only drawback is the hoses and fittings are 1.25 inches, so you have to do surgery on your pool if you want 1.5 fittings...


Jun 8, 2017
Corning, NY
I'm in the same boat as you. My wife purchased the 15'x48" Intex Prism from Target, but I'm wondering if we would be better off with the Ultra or another brand. We have a standard metal frame Intex that was a good pool, but we would like something a little larger and deeper.


May 31, 2019
Pensacola, FL
We just setup the Summer waves 20x48 from Sams ( $469). I added the 16" Intex Sand filter, Intex SWCG, and Intex Pool cleaner. So far i am happy with the choice. I wanted one of the 52" deep ones at Walmart but at the time they were $200 more for the 18' ones. My understanding is that all of them are made by Bestway and are licencsed/rebranded to other companies. The only modificaiton was enlarging the hole for the intex return jet. I watched way to many youtube videos before I worked up the nerve to cut the hole, it was nowhere as scary as I thought it would be.