Best pool finish for dogs/kids and large sun shelf - in Florida

We are in the early planning stages of our pool and wanted to get opinions on the best pool finish for us. We are planning on using a SWG and having a large sun shelf/tanning ledge for the dogs and kids. We have 2 black labs (80 pounds each!) and they track a lot of dirt and LOVE to swim. I am worried that the sun shelf will stain or look dirty with them constantly walking (running) on it…especially if we go with a basic white plaster. Any thoughts on this? Should we pay the extra for pebbletec or pebblesheen? Or any other suggestions? We don’t have any preference on color…just want it to look as clean as possible given our circumstances. Thanks for the help! :)

Divin Dave

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Oct 2, 2013
Longview, Texas
any of the plaster finishes should be fine as long as your chemical levels in the water are properly balanced.
The kids and dogs really shouldnt be a problem with any of them with regards to staining.