Best Pool Cleaner for Variable speed pump

Dec 15, 2014
Wellington, fl
I am a newbie to owning a pool and need some help.

I have a Pentair Intelliflo i1 variable speed pump and I just got rid of my pool guy and want to know what the best pool; cleaner to use for my pool.

Thanx for any help!


TFP Expert
Apr 19, 2013
Sacramento, CA
In short there are three basic types of cleaners:

1. Suction -- it hooks up to the suction side of your pump. Good but not very efficient. Will clean most pools just fine.

2. Pressure side - it hooks up to a return. Some require booster pumps but with a VS pump you can probably run any without the booster pump.

3 Robots Most efficient lowest operating cost. Most expensive to purchase.

I have a Polaris 360 pressure side cleaner that operates all the time.

If you don't mind placing and retrieving the robot once a week they do a great job and are least expensive to operate. Look at reviews on Amazon. There are plenty of models for all different sizes of pools.