Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine


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Aug 19, 2014
Pacific NW
I noticed my local cash & carry (bulk purchasing for restaurants / catering but open to the public) has
6% cleaning bleach for 1.75 a gallon.

The dates are recent and the last time I was there the week before they were sold out.

Gonna buy a case and see what happens.

I usually get 8.25% at Fred Meyer for 2.87 a gallon but it's $ 3 now.

Jordy Verrill

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May 24, 2016
Cincinnati, Oh
Meijer, a Mid-West regional Wal-Mart style grocery and department store, has started selling their 4 packs of 10% "Pool Sanitizer" for $12.99. I picked up a few cases today, which had a production date of April 10, 2017. The bottles are 128oz., as opposed to the typical 121oz. bottles that bleach comes in, so my less than stellar math skills tell me that is a better deal than buying the 8.25% bleach at $3 a bottle they sell in the cleaning supply department.

The cases of 10% go on sale for $10 a few times over the summer too, so I always keep an eye out for that to stock up.


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May 10, 2012
North DFW, TX
My wife's friend didn't want to swim in our pool because we used bleach in it. She said she would be fine with chlorine.
"Honey, does the bleach in the pool make me look fat in my bathing suit."


Posted this a bit ago BUT when stopping into Aldi yesterday, I noticed their gallons are not gallons anymore. They are 121oz. I swear the stuff I bought a few weeks back were 128oz, so this must be a recent change. Interesting, I bought at Walmart a week ago because Aldi was out when I stopped in and the clerk said they had been out for a couple of weeks and were waiting on backordered shipment. Maybe new sizing was why? Still makes Aldi the best value near me in north DFW, but barely.

Walmart--$3.64/12.8oz actual chlorine (128oz*10%)=$0.28 per chlorinating oz
Aldi--$2.69/9.98oz actual chlorine (121oz*8.25%)=$0.27 per chlorinating oz


Jul 6, 2016
Update to my previous post. I listed BJ's as a source of 12.5% bleach but...I had to return 24 gallons. When I was pouring it in the pool I didn't notice any smell at all. Put my nose to the jug and still didn't smell anything. I had a shirt I accidentally bleached so I grabbed it and poured a little on discoloration at all. Old bleach. I'm not familiar with Austin Manufacturing date codes, but the best I could tell it was from June of 2016. When I took it back the Manager told me BJ's keeps the bleach in a warehouse forever and they basically keep it until it sells. So if you come across bleach at BJ's definitely check the date.

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Aug 15, 2016
Needville area of Texas
Anyone try using commercial quantities of bleach? in 5 gallon or 55 gallon drums?
Any luck with a powdered bleach?

It's hard to find bleach in a gallon bottle around here (Rosenberg, Tx area).



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Feb 6, 2015
Chandler AZ
Anyone try using commercial quantities of bleach? in 5 gallon or 55 gallon drums?
Any luck with a powdered bleach?

It's hard to find bleach in a gallon bottle around here (Rosenberg, Tx area).

You may be able to source from a commercial vendor. Maybe Tractor Supply Company (in Richmond) or a cleaning supply warehouse.

If beach is available in powered form, it will usually have either CYA, calcium or lithium in it.

Gallon bottles of liquid bleach should be available at any grocery store. Have you checked the Walmart in Richmond (right down the street from Tractor Supply)?

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Jul 28, 2016
Polk County, FL
I don't mean to brag, but after reading thru quite a few posts, I almost feel bad posting what we pay for chlorine here in central FL: essentially about $2.00 / gallon for 10.5% by weight chlorine, using the yellow 2.5gal refillable jugs.

$4.75 per 2.5gal refilled jugs at Pinch-a-Penny. Thats only $1.90 / gal! (excluding taxes, of course)
Or, only $5.00 at some hardware stores, such as Ace, in Bartow.

While the jugs are labeled 10.5% by weight, I've calculated the actual % to be anywhere from 12% down to 8%, based on the change in my pool's FC. But, looking at what many others pay, I'd be happy to pay only $2/gal for 6%.

Sorry, guess I did mean to brag... :)


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Apr 25, 2017
Greensboro, NC
Lowes Foods in my area has a generic brand gallon of bleach (unknown concentration -- does this mean it's likely 6%?) for $1.75/gallon.

Wal-Mart had gallon jugs of "Pool Chlorinating Liquid" (10%) for $3 a few days ago and now they're $3.64. :mad:


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Apr 20, 2017
Any of my AZ peeps know a place that does refillable jugs of 12% liquid chlorine in Ahwatukee, South Tempe area? All the HASA distributors I've checked near me only sell the 10% gallon jugs at a higher price and don't do refills.


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Jul 20, 2015
Houston, TX
This thread inspired me to look at other options after paying Home Depot a small fortune over the years for chlorine ($4.72 a gallon). Turns out Lowe's, which is even closer to home, charges $3.79 a gallon, and is better packaged (sealed jug, and in linear packs of 3 (versus cube-shaped 4 packs at HD). I wish Lowe's gave volume discounts (I usually get 20 gallons or so at once)

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Apr 30, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio