Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine


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Jul 8, 2015
I think it depends on where... my Walmart seems to have it year round.. its probably all expired and stuff. but I see it on the shelves.


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Jul 8, 2015
They are done for the season. Makes zero sense to me why they quit in July
Probably because that's what their sales data says... "Chlorine sales slow down this time of year.. its a seasonal item. stop stocking it!" I bet most people buy chlorine at the beginning of the summer to get there pools going.. and it tales off as the season progresses. If they don't have the pool swimable by August.. they probably give up... its time to start shopping for school supplies.
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Nov 7, 2018
Oklahoma City, OK
I am not sure if they are really "done" everywhere because I was able to buy it this past December and on. The Julian date was always within 30-40 days of purchase too. Our local one was out but when I asked, the clerk said she had just forgotten to order it, but had just ordered it and expected a pallet within a day or two (this was about 3 days ago). I didn't follow up since Atwoods had it on sale for significantly cheaper than Wal Mart.


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Jun 17, 2019
Central NH
I noticed my Walmart is also devoid of the liquid chlorine, as well as most summer stuff. I'd guess it's gone for the season here in the NE, especially as I'm seeing 'back to school' stuff. I find the regular shock etal is still available in the garden dept.


May 28, 2019
Peoria, Arizona
Phoenix area

Arizona Pool Stuff (35th and Greenway)
4 gallons (refillable) at 12.5% for 14.99 and an $8 deposit for bottles. So you bring back your empties and they give you another 4 pack for 14.99.

Pool Parts Plus at 67th and Happy Valley and Pool Parts Plus at 67th and Bell.
Same stuff as above for a $5 deposit and $15.56. They also sell muriatic acid using the same method with $5 deposit and 19.56 for the 4 gallons at a 31.45% concentration.


Aug 16, 2019
South Florida
Broward County, South Florida: Pinch-A-Penny sells 2.5 gal jugs for $7 that can be filled/refilled with 12% chlorine for $6.
$0.156/oz/% (after buying the jug)
EDIT - plus, after the 10th refill, you get a coupon for a free refill.
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Jul 18, 2018
N. Central, ID
I'm not finding such great end of season LC sales this year, but at the end of last season I bough a bunch of fresh 10% LC at half price or less (mostly at our nearest KMart, which doesn't even have LC this year). Motivated by an LC concentration vs. temperature half-life graph that I found in these forums, I diluted it to 5% and stored in in our cold (and dark) storage. I came out finacialy well ahead when I opened the pool this summer.

IIRC, 5% LC has a half life of something like 1550 days at 70F whereas 10% is a small fraction of that! The LC half life continues to improve at lower temps and lower concentrations too. Our cold storage gets nowhere near 70 until late August. It's more like the low to mid 40s during most of the storage period.

I wish I could find that graph now, but if you can get some LC on late season sales, dilute it and store it dark and cool, it might pencil-out for you too, even though it will lose some strength of course. I doubt that it would pencil-out, if you have to use active refrigeration to do it though! ;)


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Jul 2, 2013
Central Arkansas
In my area, Home Depot has been the most dependable store for bleach year round. As Johnny notes above, the discount for buying 4 cases helps (there are 3 jugs in each case).


Oct 4, 2019
Lake Dallas, TX
Home Depot here in Denton County, TX still has liquid chlorine as well. I always get 4 boxes for around $9 each. Cheaper than Walmart (which does NOT sell it anymore around here, since it's considered seasonal).