Best places to buy bleach


May 27, 2007
St. Louis, Missouri
As I am slowly converting to the BBB method, I was out the other night getting some bleach. I was curious to see where all of you are getting the best deals on bleach out there. Because I was in a rush to get some bleach in my pool, I ran to the closest store, Target, and found the 1.42 gal bottles of Clorox (6%) for $2.99. I know that can't be the cheapest price out there!

Would love to hear what you all are using!


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Mar 29, 2007
SE Louisiana
K-Mart, of all places, generally has the best price here. Their 3 quart jugs of 6% are routinely marked down to $0.99 and are 1.39 when not on sale. Wal-Mart is usually somewhat higher and since I can't stand going in there (because of the crowds, not because of some anti Wal-Mart philosophy) I usually go to the big K for bleach.


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Apr 5, 2007
Joliet, Il.
Also watch the sales ads. Just make sure you get 5.25% or above when you buying jugs of bleach. Another good place to check is at all your local pool stores and water treatment stores as well. A water treatment store near my house sells it's >12% solution in a five gallon black carboy for $10.10 after tax.

happy hunting!


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Apr 3, 2007
East Tennessee
I have been getting mine from a pool store :shock: . I found they had 10% liquid chlorine that is testing at 12% for around $12 for 4 gallons. After doing the math it is cheeper in the long run to buy it here.
Check your local pool stores you might get a good deal there as well but dont let them talk you in to any thing else.


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May 20, 2007
SWSuburban Chicago, IL
Aldi's 6% for 99cents here...

the Safeway store brand was just on sale for 2/$4 146 oz, there were only 2 jugs left, so the BBB method is popular here in Homer Glen?!

Wal-Mart has the big jugs for $2.28. $1.95 is cheap by comparison down there in TX!

What are you paying for GAS? We are $3.66 gal....


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May 31, 2007
Fenton, MO
Stay away from the "home best" or "shoppers value" at Shop N Save, it is only 3%. Walmart seems to have the best non-sale price 1.28 for 3/4 gallon 6% and 2.28 for 1.75 gallon 6%


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Apr 2, 2007

I am up in Canada, so products are likely different, however, I find that the walmart no name bleach is the best buy, it's 5.75% and a gallon is $1.39, however, buyer beware, they also sell a 1.25 gallon jug at much more than a 25% price jump of the same stuff.


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May 14, 2007
New Brunswick Canada
I to am in Canada, although I have a SWG, I keep four jugs (4Litre) of 10.8% Shock, its 3.99 a jug and the best I like, it has a sealed top, no way the bleach can break down over time.
Am I getting ripped?



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Apr 22, 2007
Just wanted to mention to anyone in Arizona. The B&L Pool & Supply stores are running a special buy 3 gallons of Hasa 12.5% bleach and get the 4th free. These are the returnable bottles in a plastic tub/carrier. It's $3.33 per gallon normally.

There are a ton of B&L's all over Arizona.


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May 20, 2007
SWSuburban Chicago, IL
Sent hubby to the store to buy two "large" jugs of bleach, and he came home with the small bottles. I think I won't say anything because then I would really be a nag....

Gas is still about $3.60. It's only $3.45 over the county line (12 miles East) and that county has a gas tax....I just know we are getting gouged over here....

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May 26, 2007
About a 1/2 hour from P.S.U.
Rangeball said:
Save-A-Lot grocery store has .75 gal of 6% for $1.18. Last year it was $.99.
Yes my Save-A-Lot also went to 3/4 jugs @ $1.18 from $.99 last year funny story when I opened this year I went to Save-A-Lot and pulled out 12 bottles and checked out the girl at the register said she had just tried the bleach and she said it worked real well I said it will work just fine these are going in my pool and she just looked at me like what the heck are you doing that for I just had to chuckle to myself.


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May 28, 2007
I don't even have a pool yet, and I plan on a SWG anyway, but I saw

Costco/ Sacramento:

3 large jugs of Clorox Regular bleach (6%) (182oz). Looked at the label to try to find if there were any additives, I didn't see anything that would indicate additives.
total = 4.26 gallons/carton

for $6.09. regular price

Also, don't have to worry about buying in bulk at costco. I guess not the absolute best price, but could be pretty convenient if you're getting other stuff there anyway.