Best method to correct uneven cement deck


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Aug 13, 2019
We have an inground pool and a portion of our cement deck has fallen 1" to 3" over the (27) years. It is mainly from ground settling after a sewer line was re-routed when the pool was initially installed. The area affected is around a corner of the pool, 20ft along one side and about 10ft around the other. The cement was installed well (6 bag mix with wire mesh) and has only separated at the tooled joint lines with no irregular cracks thru the slabs.

What's a good solution to achieve a surface at its original height for astetics and safety?

Should we replace the sunken slabs (5-6 pcs), lift them with slurry jacking material or add a secondary material over the top?

We're concerned about replacing since the demolition process can damage things, slurry jacking since inlet and return lines are randomly buried underneath the slabs (potential for puncture from drilling or stress cracking from jacking pressures), so we think a topcoat that adheres and looks good is the best but what material would that be?

Rich D

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Aug 3, 2018
Sorry for the delay and lack of response...

Always much harder to give advice without pictures...

I have no experience with mud jacking However if it pushes up it must be pushing down which could help with compaction of the soil but also could be the straw that breaks the camels back and causes a leak. If you have ridged scdl 40 pipe it is very flexible and can withstand some settling However it is the joints that will usually give way with settlement issues.

I can comment on the settlement. It is most likely not done settling. Even after a jacking operation it still might be prone to settlement . The only truly correct way to fix the issue is to excavate down to the sewer pipe and install the correct material and backfill in lifts.

I would think any type of cosmetic leveling would simply come apart due to further settling and frost issues.

I would remove affected sections, excavate, Install a suitable backfill in lifts, re-pour the sections then perhaps do a entire deck coating to make everything match.