Best method for cleaning tile?


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May 22, 2018
Elmhurst, IL
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I have used super tile and vinyl cleaner (In The Swim) with a stiff brush to clean scum build-up on the tile. However, I used almost a full quart to do the job and this job needs to be done about once per week. Has anyone had success with a product that will prevent this build-up? If not, is there a better/cheaper way to clean the tile on a regular basis? I have used Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on other (non-pool) items and it seems to work really well. Wondering if it would be okay to use this for the pool tile.... or if it contains anything that I don't want in the pool. Thanks for any tips/ advice for keeping my pool tile sparkling clean.


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Jan 17, 2012
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Are folks wearing a lot of suntain goo and body and hair lotions? Those are often the culprit for scum lines. I don't know of any particular chemical to add but I do love a good Mytee Mitt or two. Wearing on of those on each hand while floating around the pool on a noodle and doing the old Karate Kid move of "wax on-wax off" will help rid your surface of the goo. I would also up your FC a point or two to help oxidize the scum.
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