best metal frame pool


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Apr 27, 2015
New Bedford, MA
Last year I had a summer escape 14x42 metal frame pool. It lasted us 3 ish years and it was great. We end up buying a sand filter and connected it to the skimmer basket because the filter that came with the pool wasnt powerful enough to clean it. The skimmer basket end up splitting in half while I was vacuuming the pool. so now its time for a new one. I'd like to go a tad bigger either 15x48 or 16x48.

What is the best one? I see Coleman, Intex and Summer waves Elite


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Jun 26, 2012
Edmond OK
I've never had a Summer Escapes, but the Coleman and Intex are almost identical. Even the fittings and hoses are interchangeable. So the best one is the one you can get at the cheapest price.