Best idea to cushion bottom?


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May 30, 2017
Orlando, FL
Just set up my 14x42 summer waves, what's the most inexpensive and easiest option for something to put in between the tarp and liner? Unfortunately my ground is made up of tiny pebbles some of which are quite sharp. I thought about cardboard, any cons to that?


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May 11, 2017
Groveton, Tx
My concern with the cardboard would be that it wouldn't last long But if you're just needing a fix for this year & then something else later, I would think it would work.


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May 13, 2012
Caledonia, MS
Agree with Dave, cardboard will rot in no time providing zero protection and will be a mildew factory.

Your pool is about 154 sq ft, so if you wanted sand at 1" that's about 13 Cu ft of sand (probably need at least 1.5 times that). You could see how much that would be to get delivered but probably not the cheapest.
Determine the amount of Styrofoam needed and price it locally. Comes in 4x8 sheets, but there is waste and need good tape for the seams.
There is also Gorilla pad which I'm guessing will be the cheapest for your size pool at around $60 on Amazon. Probably wont be the softest, but should protect against what you are describing.