Best coping for a saltwater pool

Jul 4, 2020
Austin, Tx
We are trying to decide what the best coping would be for a saltwater pool and spa. We have been told by some PB to use only concrete and then others are pushing flagstone or travertine. We are still getting quotes, so just want to be sure we pick the best coping.


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May 23, 2015
Tucson, AZ
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Texas has a lot of trouble with locally quarried stone like flagstone. My flagstone coping is as good as the day we installed it but is Arizona flagstone and double thickness (3” thick versus 1.5” that is used for outdoor hardscape). I would also stay away from travertine as a coping material as it is too susceptible to cracking and chipping

My suggestion would be either to use prefabricated coping or poured-in-place concrete coping using forms. There’s lots of patterns and color options available with prefabricated.

See the TFP Wiki for details -

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