Best choice of equipment for new inground vinyl liner pool


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May 23, 2012
Can someone please advise me as to what is the best choice of equipment for a 16x32 inground vinyl liner pool that will start construction in about 2 weeks in Georgia(dont know if area makes a difference or not?) our builder is using Jandy, with cartridge filter, nature 2,, with 2 hp pump and i believe a auto chlorinator tablets. If i worded all that wrong forgive me as i dont really understand. I have been reading alot about proper chem maintenance and balance and would love it if someone could offer advice. Thank you


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Jul 3, 2009
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Re: Best choice of equipment for new inground vinyl liner po

Read Pool School and this forum and you will likely find

1. Pass on the nature 2- it will add minerals to your pool that could stain and cause other problems
2. 2 hp is probably way too big a pump for your poolsize (unless you have water features, spa, etc.)
3. a chlorinator is nice for vacation, but should not really be used regularly, especially since you will have a cartridge filter