Best Chlorinator


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May 31, 2015
Kennesaw, GA
Is the one I already have. Sorry if the title is a bit misleading, but I just had an experience that I wanted to share - and hopefully help others who, like me, have been having trouble with their Chlorinator and thinking it is time to replace it.

I have a 4 year old Pentair IC60 that has worked great, but since I de-winterized the pool a few weeks ago the Chlorinator’s “Low Salt” light continually indicates the
salt level is too low, and, according to the manual, it does not produce chlorine when in that status.

My salt test strips indicate that the salt level is clearly at or above the chlorinator’s optimum 3400 ppm level, but the Pentair clearly disagrees. Since I’ve been successfully using these test strips I had become to trust their accuracy and I assumed that the problem was with/within the Chlorinator.

However it occurred to me that test strips may not remain accurate indefinitely, and discovered an expiration date on the test strip bottle. The expiration date is 3/2020 - this month. So I bought a new bottle of strips and guess what - the new strips indicate the salt is 1000 ppm lower than my old strips.

So, I am thrilled to find my Pentair was accurately detecting the Low Salt condition, and I avoided a lot of time and expense testing, and possibly replacing, an excellent Chlorinator.

Moral of the story - buy new test strips every year and make sure they are not nearing their expiration.