Best bag for water hose leaf vacuum?

Looking for recommendations on the best bag for the standard water hose style leaf vacuums. I have a large tree hanging over the pool so the vacuum is a life saver, but the bag has been an issue.

Had to buy a replacement to the original and the bag itself is finer mesh which I like, but less than 6 months in and the string basically disintegrated. It broke while I was putting it on the vacuum but I was dumb enough (desperate enough) to hope I could use it one more time. Nope. Now I have to fish a bag full of acorns out of the bottom of the deep end... I’ve rinsed it off after use so I know it’s not the chlorine or chemicals, just a cheap string.

Which ones have you had the best luck with? TIA!


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Jul 21, 2013
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Since you have no replies maybe a link or pic of the bag you bought that did not work very well will jog some readers ideas for you.


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Jul 10, 2009
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If the bag itself is in good shape how about just replacing the string? You could get something a little more chemical resistant at your local hardware store and thread it through the bag. If you store the bag outside the sun may have rotted the string.