Best Above Ground Pools to Put In-Ground?


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May 2, 2017
Orlando, FL
Hello. I currently have a metal-sided above ground pool that was dug into the ground. The metal walls have rusted, the liner is busted, and the whole thing needs to be replaced. Ideally I would buysomething that fits the existing hole and just re-trim the decking around it.

I've been looking at the soft-sided above ground pools, but am running into a few problems:
1. Where to purchase? The online retailers I have contacted do not take credit cards, and am I hesitant to lose the consumer protection that comes with using a credit card when having such a big purchase delivered to the house. If the delivery never comes or the product is not as described, court will be my only recourse. If you have a soft-sided pool, where did you purchase it and would you recommend the retailer? What about the pool itself, are you satisfied?

2. How to install? Some manufacturers say not to backfill, others say it shouldn't be a problem. Some say build a retaining wall, some say not to bother. What is the best way to make sure the pool lasts? Once the decking is around it, making any adjustments is not going to be easy.

3. Maybe a metal-walled pool makes more sense? If we have to build a retaining wall anyway, the rusting that happened with our existing pool shouldn't be a problem this time around. It looks like the metal-walled pools are a little less expensive and available from retailers I am familiar with.

I appreciate any advice or guidance you can provide!


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Aug 18, 2013
Austin, TX
Doughboy is another option, albeit pricey. Also, The Pool Factory offers a number of semi-inground options as well (Ex. Saltwater X000 series) at very competitive price points, with good reviews to boot.
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