Beer, taste, and pH


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Mar 29, 2007
SE Louisiana
I was enjoying a beer last night when something interesting occurred to me. As most people who enjoy nice beer know, the way you pour the beer and the type of glass you serve it in affect the taste greatly. I was pouring and drinking a fine Trappist ale (Chimay Premiere) which is best enjoyed in a Chimay glass, which looks something like an old style champagne glass; relatively shallow and widemouthed. It tastes much different, and I think better, when this beer is poured a little roughly into the glass and allowed to foam. You pour a little, let it foam, wait for the head to go down, and repeat until your glass is full. With all that CO2 outgassing, this must raise the pH considerably and I'll bet that's what makes the beer taste different/better. That's probably old hat to all you true connoisseurs, but to dumb old me it was a revelation.

Pool chemistry applied to beer drinking. It doesn't get any better than that.