Beaded Liner Installation


Jun 11, 2007
Ok, here is another - Too tired to read correctly and screwed up. I am installing a 24ft ABG and I installed the liner. For the most part it went on without a hitch (beaded one) but here is where I messed up-

I read the pools manual, which I "interpreted" as saying to fill the pool up to around 1-3 inches (I was around 2) and then cut out the skimmer and return holes. Of course I did this, but unfortunately later I then read the LINER'S instruction, and it said to cut them out when the water is about 3 inches below each of them respectively. Well, they are both cut and installed. Is this bad? Did I wreck the liner? Or is it ok? Also, I noticed there is air behind the liner as it is filling. Seems to be working itself out (the way the pool is built, there is places for it to escape). I smoothed out the bottom the best I could, but I found out my sand leveling wasn't very good (high spot in the middle where the main pile was). Ok, here is a summary of my goofs-

1.Cut out skimmer and return (and installed plates) with only about 2 inches of water in pool
2.Air around the sides
3.Uneven sand leveling (pool is level just fine, just not the sand, high spots in the middle).

I think i am ok, but I could really use some reassuring, or possibly a really good deal on a 24ft ABG beaded liner :)

This has been a rough few weeks...I could use some help :)



Shelley N

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May 1, 2007
Denver, Colorado
Jamie -

I can only comment on the bottom. Shouldn't be a problem for using the pool. My bottom is lumpy and bumpy (sounds gross :shock: ) Do I wish I did it differently...sure, my father-in-law's is as smooth as a baby's behind, but this way will have to work until the liner wears out. I think the lumpiness does give the lady bug a run for her money, but she does a pretty good job anyway.

Regarding the cutouts. You might be okay....and you might not. It depends on how it stretches as it fills. Someone else will have to pipe in on this one.

Take a deep breath and relax, I think you know this is not the end of the world. :)



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Apr 8, 2007
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Make sure you fill that pool on a VERY sunny warm day to get maximum stretch in the liner. That will help a lot.

BTW like Shelly said, no its not the end of the world, but just FYI, we can see it from a saddle just north of our place. : )


Jun 11, 2007
Ok, current panic level - Blue :) (for those of you not using the US threat system, this is one above normal) :p

It is now half full

1.The cut outs don't seem to be effecting anything, they are just fine
2.This problem seems to have corrected itself...the air is gone and the walls look good
3.I am sure this is still an issue, but hopefully too when I replace the liner in the future, it won't be...might use a bottom or something

I didn't use mason sand, not because I didn't want to, but because the company that did the prep work was horrible (I have a previous post about it). Any good suggestions for leveling sand? (assuming the ground around the pool is level. This question is more for future ABG self builders)

Thanks for all your panic reducing support :)