BBB method VS pool store chemicals


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Dec 5, 2016
Charlotte, NC
Back story was out of town for a 2-3 week stretch and came back to a dirty rain filled over the limit pool ( timer off since we have alot of trees) So I tested my water which to be honest I'm not that good at then took it the Leslie's pool store to double check my numbers and they suggested 18 pounds of Alkalinity up at about $50 a bucket and 45 lbs of Hardness plus at about $100 for a 50lb bucket. I asked them if they were familiar with the BBB method because basically that's what I have been doing for a while and they said whats that? Now are they playing dumb or just trying to sell me product or both?
CH 120
CYA 50
TA 50
PH 7.0 my numbers has it way below 7.0

So my question is 1) Is borax still ok to adjust PH and baking soda in place hardness plus or do I have that backwards always used borax to raise PH and Muratic acid to lower... baking soda as apposed to soda ash or are they the same?

Could some one point me the direction of some good educashiooon on pool chemistry it totally confuses me and quit honestly is a bit intimidating at times especially when it gets out of control being away from it for weeks at a time....

Yea I know I'm kind of clueless as a newbie pool owner who isn't home enough to test everyday

Thank you