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Jul 23, 2007
pacific nw
Myself included, bet alot of people would like more practical info on this method of pool maintenance without wading thru all the regular chemical stuff!! I do enjoy this whole site in general though & the way its broken down into easy to find groups.


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Thanks for the feedback - glad you are enjoying the site.

I'm always reluctant to add new forums as it wouldn't be hard to keep adding new areas and before long you end up with a cluttered site.

It seems that it's difficult to have a BBB discussion without moving into the chemistry of it all; however there is a lot of great information on the BBB method in "The Stickies" area - see link in my signiture.


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May 13, 2007
New Jersey
How about changing -

"Chemistry 101 (and beyond)" to "BBB / Basic Water Chemistry (and beyond)"

It should at least steer the BBB curious people into the right section.

And you should also then move the BBB Sticky to the top of the list.