Barracuda Wahoo? Above-ground pool cleaner?


Apr 27, 2010
Does anyone have one? What do you think of it? I can't find it on Barracuda's website. I found one for sale on e-bay (for less than what my pool guy wants to sell it to me for) and the e-bay store describes it as a pool cleaner made to be sold on the internet. The describe it as a cleaner for an above-ground pool. What is the difference between a pool cleaner for an above-ground pool and in-ground pool?


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Apr 8, 2007
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The Wahoo is actually by Zodiac product - also referred to as an Aquabug. It is a standard suction side cleaner

Besides price, usually IG cleaners are designed to climb walls and work with deep end slopes. Most AG cleaners are designed to work on flat bottoms - they also cost much less.