Barking up the wrong tree:Seized motor or just the impeller?


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Jul 6, 2020
So, first of all I'm not a pool savvy person-BUT I'm a biomed who works on water treatment equipment so I do have relatable repair skills...or so I thought.
Long story I apologize- my husband just replaced his grandmother's Sta-Rite SuperMax pump motor last Thursday. The old one had finally given up the ghost so he installed the recommended replacement; a Century model QC 1102 (1 hp single speed). Ran fine- sunday morning grandma checks on the pool and the pump is off. Turns it on and it runs for a few seconds-squeals-vibrates-shuts off. So I come check it out (husband and kiddo left Friday on a camping trip out west-lucky turkeys). When i power it on, it does not run at all. Just hums. So I do some research: wiring is correct, capacitors are fine. Move to checking that there isn't a clog starving the pump of water-nope skimmer's clear,water level is fine-basket in pump is clean. So I turn off the breakers to check see if the motor is seized and if I can move the impeller. I can't move the motor shaft at the back- and I can't move the impeller from the front and I noticed the impeller locking screw is loose when I reached through the basket. So now I have pulled the motor away from the pump from the seal plate back. I cannot, for love nor money separate the impeller from the shaft. It's almost like it's ground into the seal plate-and I noticed there's a "hunk"missing from one side where it meets the plate. I'm not 100% sure the motor is seized because I can't free it from the whole impeller/seal plate's a nightmare! I have gotten the shaft assembly out of the casing by removing the long my next move is slapping it in a vice and taking a crack at the impeller with a strap wrench. Am I wasting my time? Should I just call it a day and replace everything that's stuck together or should I keep trying to free the impeller with the hope that the motor is NOT seized. Any help, advise, or ibuprofen appreciated!! Pics attached minus the one of my now broken/jammed knuckle lol!