Baquacil to chlorine conversion...mixed signals


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Jun 13, 2010
I bought my house in January of 09 and the pool was already there so we have to kind of start everything blind since we didn't have much documentation as far as the age of the pool or pump/filter. Only thing we knew is that the liner had been replaced jst 2 season before we moved in. It is an 18ft 7500gal pool. We started off our first season by completely draining the pool to convert from chlorine to baquacil. Started off very well once everything was going and then things went down hill fast. We had a lot of rain and an all around cooler summer and with the lack of swimming caused us to develop a huge alge problem. We dosed with a ton of algecide and was constantly brushing, vacuuming and backwashing and had no success in getting rid of it. We got to the end of the season and decided to close up the pool for the winter in hopes the cold would take care of the alge. We got to May of this year and opened the pool up to find the alge was gone but the water was really cloudy. In a fight to get the cloudly out we developed water mold. We have dumped more money into baquacil chemicals then our income should allow. I am beyond frustrated and after seeing family and neighbors with chlorine pools have great results, we have decided to convert to chlorine. We went to the pool store and was told to add chlorine tablets and let it sit until I can get the baquacil levels down below 15 before I shock it. I have tested it twice a day for the last 3 days and I cannot get the levels of baquacil down below 50. There is no baquacil shock at all and haven't been since developing the water mold. 2 3" tablets have been added(one on friday and one today (sun) to the skimmer) and so far my water has turned a yellow/green color and to add insult to injury we also have a foam problem due to over doses of algecide last year and 1 1oz dose this year that was added in May when the pool was open. I have only been testing with the baquacil strips to test the levels of baquacil and nothing else. I'm doing exactly as the pool store tells me but from what I have read, I am doing something wrong or I am not doing enough. When I test with the strips, it is also showing my PH levels to be off. The guy at the pool store has insulted me on a couple different occations by saying I am color blind and saying I don't listen to him so I am trying a different route by coming here to see if there is anything I can do to make the conversion from baquacil to chlorine as painless as possible. I am still very new to caring for this pool so please don't use big words on Thanks!!!