Baquacil conversion


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Jun 8, 2017
Concord NH
Hi Matt,
Sorry for not posting... I have been having much better luck maintaining chlorine during the day. Could be because I am now home during the day and able to test, but I think the pool water has just "settled down" and the CYA is doing it's job now. Have not dropped to zero x8 days now. Therefore using less chlorine, averaging approx 34ozs/day. Am hoping that I have turned the corner, completed the Baqua conversion, balanced the water and getting the hang of using TFP methods. Is it better to test and add chlorine in the morning at at night? I have been adding in the evening. The water has remained crystal clear and I only note the smell of chlorine immediately after adding to the pool.
To answer your question, per Pool Math 15x24 oval pool has 9300 gallons.
What can I do if I will be away for a weekend in terms of maintaining chlorine?
Thank you again for all your helpful suggestions. I'm sure I will have questions when it comes time to close the pool. I still need to address the loud gurgling nose from the vortex sucking air from the surface out in front of the return. Should I start a new thread?


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May 23, 2015
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Just to circle back, adding 42.5oz of CYA stabilizer (which I assume is granular stabilizer, not liquid) will only raise your CYA to 34ppm. That's right at the very bottom of the recommended CYA level. In the full summer sunshine (I realize you're in NH and so it may not be terribly warm there), it can sometimes take a little bit more CYA than that to protect the FC from sunlight loss. You can raise your CYA anywhere from 30-50ppm and be perfectly fine. If you still feel like you're adding too much chlorine each day, then try bumping up the stabilizer to 40ppm or 50ppm and see how that works.

34oz of 8.25% bleach raises your FC level by 2.4ppm each day. If that's what you're using everyday to keep the FC at the target level, then you're pool is perfectly normal. A clean and clear swimming pool will use between 2-4ppm FC per day.

I would consider your conversion complete at this point. Please raise your equipment issues in a new post in the "Pumps, Filters & Plumbing" sub-forum. Someone over there with better hydraulic knowledge than I should be able to help you sort out the gurgling issue....