balancing advice as I approach closing

May 2, 2021
Burlington, MA
Hi all,
I am having the pool closed Monday 11/1. 30k gallons, pebble tech, SWG. I am trying to optimize the chemistry before closing in hopes of keeping my pebble tech safe through a long, cold New England winter. The pool company will add algaecide and 4# of dichlor quick shock at the close. Probably nothing else.
Current Test results (with Taylor Kit):
pH 7.6 (I will correct this down a bit in a couple days. I have a waterfall and constant pH rise. Target should be 7.4??)
Chlorine Free 4. Combined 0
Alkalinity 75
CH 200.
Water temp: 54 degrees.

We have just had a TON of rain here. Once it stops I plan to raise the Alkalinity a bit (target 80-100??). Do I need to raise Calcium Hardness too? Any issue dissolving Calcium Up in 54 degree water (I have Pro Team Calcium up - it is flakes not pellets)? Pre-dissolve in a bucket first? I am terrified of staining my finish with chemicals that hit the bottom. Can I leave the CH alone? Or should it be higher pre-close for a pebble tech pool?


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I would leave the TA alone. Your pH will rise as the water gets cold, but your CSI is probably dipping now as well, so I would get the CH to at least 250. Yes, pre-dissolve and pour in the deep end. You should be good. The pH can be in that 7.4 - 7.6 range. either way, it's going to rise, but that starting range should work well. Get the FC up though. Confirm your CYA after that dichlor bomb they did and try to get the FC up a bit. Most will go half way to even full SLAM level several days before closing. If you do that, it will eat some of that algaecide, but that's the nature of how they closed on you. Good luck!

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