Balancing Act


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May 28, 2020
New pool and am trying to do the balancing act of adjusting the chemicals and in which order. I did the basic CL and PH test this morning and had the CL at approx 3. After doing the more in depth tests I came up with the FC as 2 and CC of .5 so I added 11oz of LC (12.5%) per Pool Math. Where do I go from here?
And yes the pool is only 62 but just fired up the heater today.



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Jun 1, 2018
Hernando, Ms
You wanna bring fc up to 6 so when it falls by the next check it never goes below minimum.
The oto test is not that accurate so stick w/ the fas/dpd test for now.
With such a high ta your ph will rise on its own. Don’t add anything to increase it. You can aerate (point jets up) to speed the process. When it gets to 8.0 lower it back down to 7.2 with muriatic acid. Rinse & repeat. This will lower your ta every time u do it.

You may need to increase ch for the heater. The manual will probably tell u what level is required to maintain the warranty.

Basically Chlorine is paramount & must be maintained daily
Check ph & lower to 7.2 when it reaches 8.0
Ch is a one time addition that doesn’t change much unless u exchange water or add cal hypo chlorine products or calcium.
Cya degrades over time slightly but wont change much unless you exchange alot of water or add stabilized chlorine products or stabilizer.
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