Balance water, algae?, stains- in what order and suggestions


Mar 31, 2007
We took off the leaf net last week. Clear water with debris on the bottom. These were the test results upon opening:
FC 2ppm
CC 0
Cya was 0
PH was 7.2
TA was 80
We cleaned out the debris and shocked pool - brought it up to 10 ppm and held 24 hours. We added CYA and we have held chlorine between 5 and 10 ppm last several days. A couple days later we found this fine brown dust (algae?), which we have brushed and vacumned to waste 3 times. It is not slick, it is almost like silt. The day after each brushing and vacumning the brown stuff is all over the bottom and slanted sides of the pool again. The water is pretty clear and a light blue. When I sweep the junk, it clouds up the water. The pine tree pollen is awful now, but the sediment looks light brown/tan colored. The back wash looks yellow like the pollen.
I also have some stains on the fiber glass steps and liner that I plan to use ascorbic acid to remove. Which one of these should I tackle first? How do I go about it? Oh, btw, I put a quart of polyquat 60% in the pool yesterday.

My numbers are:
CYA 40-50
FC 5.
CC .5 ( maybe less)
PH 8.00
TA 140
Calcium 40
Phosphates =>1000
Salt 3000

What is Total hardness? And what should it be?

26000 g inground liner pool
sand filter

Thanks for you help!



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May 7, 2007
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The first thing you should do is get the PH down. You want to keep PH between 7.2 and 7.8. High PH will tend to cause staining, so you need to keep an eye on the PH at all times.

The fine brown dust is either pollen or dead algae. Very fine particles can stay suspended in the water for several days and will slowly settle out on the bottom. If it is dead algae, which seems most likely, after several days they should have all settled out and that will be that. If it is pollen then it will stop when that particular pollen season ends.