Baker Hydro HRV side mount filter: broken air vent?


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Jul 16, 2010
:? Quick response requested.

Ok, so we started having small amounts of sand in the pool during rinse stage after backwashing. Upon turning off the system and removing the pressure guage and lid, I found that the air vent tube connection to the collection assembly had come out. I ordered a new tube, but now I cannot get the threaded piece into the collection PVC elbow to stay. Am I missing something, or am I even repairing the problem? Would a broken lateral be the problem instead? Wouldn't I have a lot more sand, glass pak actually, in the pool?
Thanks ever so much. I need to repair before leaving town tomorrow for 10 days :)

The filter is post 1984, probably over twenty years old. It appeared that the nut connecting the tube to the threaded piece fitting into the collection assembly deteriorated over time. (The last owner of the home chlorinated the pool by placing tablets in the skimmer instead of the automatic chlorinator. ?) We have replaced the chlorine system with an Ecosmarte system. We like it very much, no chlorine or chemicals in the water, just oxidation electrode of titanium composite, and ionization copper electrode. pH is maintained with CO2 injection.
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