Baja Step Bubblers


Jun 22, 2010
I have two questions:

1) I am chasing some Bubblers for my Baja Step. I would prefer lighted bubblers, I have a liner pool and cant seem to find one to suit.

2) I am using a Intelli touch controller and want to know what control they have over the lighted products such as pool lights, laminiars etc. will i benifit staying with Pentair products or does it not matter?




Jun 22, 2010
Big bump!!!

Someone please help!

This is my second post and Noone is answering!

Is it because I'm an Aussie :)

Thanks in advance for all the great help I'm about to receive



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Dec 3, 2009
Central Massachusetts
It might help if you described what Bubblers and Baja steps are :wink: They are not all that common at least around here.

Yes, the intellitouch can control lights in the bubblers. They just have to get their power from the box. they can be put on a circuit just like anything else.
May 6, 2010
Most of us that have these items have gunite pools.....not vinyl lined. (Sorry, we may not be familiar with the products available for lined pools.)


I agree with heather in that this application is more common in gunite pools, and that may be why the lack of responses.

The light source/application that you show is about all you have to choose from. You could buy lights that are made for shallow water applications (Hydrell makes some, for example), but they are more for fountain use. Standard pool lights require (here) 18" of water depth to the top of the light ring, something you could not achieve on a Baja step, which is usually about 12-18" deep, and you could not get it to come up through the bubbler like fiber optic.

Neat idea, but not real typical! Fiber optic is also notorious for not being as bright as you might expect, so be ready for that. Most pictures that you see is "enhanced" and is not true to real life.


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Jun 19, 2010
I am using a similar kit as the Fiberstars you linked to. But the one I'm using is from Nexxus, and it ties into a controller for other lights from Nexxus. My main control panel is an Pentair IntelliTouch, and is a gunite pool. Not sure how they work yet since the pool just got waterline tile installed this past week.

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