Baja shelf tanning shelf

We're doing a pool remodel and want to add a small area i the shallow end for our 1 year old to be able to stand and splash in the water. My question is in order to attach this to the preexisting pool does the floor of the pool have to actually be jack hammered to access rebar? The pool has no rounded edges they are all straight cuts so what I wanted to do was come off of the second stair (rounded radius stairs to the nearest wall the area of this shelf will be approximately 4' wide by 7' long water depth on shelf will be approximately 14" deep. Any info on attaching the block structure to this 1970 gunnite pool would be greatly appreciated


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Aug 17, 2012
Sunny SoCal
In the remodels I've seen where they add a Baja shelf, they remove the plaster in that area and rough up the surface. They then drill holes to epoxy in a rebar structure and build it up to the form of the shelf. Then they spray new gunite and replaster the entire pool.
Apr 21, 2017
Pass Christian ms
Thank you very much for the quick reply, would you think the bottom of the pool should be approximately 8-12" thick? The way of the shed built with cinder block rebar enforced vertical and horizontal and backfill with clay? Pack backfill with vibratory plate and approximately 6-8" thick of concrete??