Baja shelf cement curing time


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Jul 9, 2021
Great helpful forum. We live in Poway, CA and are having our pool refurbished and adding a baja shelf. The plan is to have it 9inches deep. They poured the concrete today in the baja shelf and it approx 18ft x 7.5 ft in shallow end approx 4-5 feet deep from shallow to deep end. They did use all the demo plaster, coping excess and broken pieces, red bricks which was our old coping. The PB used rebar and drilled into the pool shell and adhesive.
I have unable to find a thread that talks about curing time . When we were receiving quotes for the redo every PB stated a different curing time form 3 days to 3 weeks.
What is the recommended curing time for this amount of cement? We are in southern California and it is forecasted to be high 80’s ( today being 90 deg) with 34% humidity.

Great to be apart of the forum.
Thank you ahead of time for your answers.


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