Bad issue with pool company


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Mar 23, 2017
We let a pool company take care of our pool last year and while they were closing the pool they said they were unable to get the pool ladders and hand rail to release from the pool. They decided to cut the poles instead of working on getting the poles to release. They did this without asking and I will not be using them again. The issue I have is how to get the pole pieces removed from the brackets to install new hand rails and ladders. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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May 18, 2013
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I would also call the pool co. and tell them what they did. They need to finish the job by removing those two pieces. And I bet the existing ladder ends that they cut are uneven and prone to rusting quicker.


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Aug 10, 2012
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I agree that calling them doesnt hurt. Maybe someone in management or an owner would be willing to do the right thing.


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Aug 17, 2014
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You should have bronze/metal cups built into the pool deck that the ladder ends slide into. Assuming that is metal, and the cut off ladder tube ends are still in these cups, you could spray some penetrating oil on them, trying to get between the deck cup and the cut off tube. Wd-40 would work in a pinch but there are many others (like pb plaster, kroil). Let that sit for 30 mins or so, then try and break them free with a chisel and hammer. You could get a blow torch and heat it up, then try and tap it with a hammer or chisel,, trying to rotate it in the cup,, once it breaks free pull them out with a pair of pliers/needle nose pliers.

I'd be upset,, good ladders are expensive. I like the SR smith commercial ladders, top notch.

Another alternative would be to buy some metal pipe (maybe even PVC pipe),, that you could fit into the existing cut off stems,. the other side would go up into the cut off ladder, and that would hold the ladder in place but that would probably be sloppy looking and leave some jagged edges, unless you filed it down a bit to make it look acceptable


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Mar 2, 2011
I suspect that the cups are probably aluminum and corroded since the rails wouldn't come out.

If the cups are not usable, I would suggest core drilling them out and replacing them. The hard part is to reconnect the bond wire.

You could use Saftron as they don't need to be bonded.

SĀFTRON polymer rails are non-conductive. When used with SĀFTRON anchor sockets and bases, or installed directly into the deck, no grounding/bonding is required. SĀFTRON has been tested to be non-conductive by STR Laboratories. The current NEC code shows that SĀFTRON pool rails do not need to be grounded or bonded as the rails are sealed at the time of manufacturing. We have also received a letter form NFPA (NEC Codes) stating that they feel SĀFTRON pool rails are not required to be grounded or bonded.
If the cups are usable, you might be able to make two vertical cuts through the rails and then remove the pieces.

Making the cuts is not easy.

Can you post a picture?