Bad Concrete Cantilever Coping Pour

Feb 12, 2017
Dayton, OH
Wanting to get some opinions from others on here on this cantilever concrete coping/decking pour.

Bit of backstory, the pool is a late 30,000 gallon 1960's "hybrid" concrete bottom/fiberglass wall pool in an "arrow" shape. The pool had been leaking and the fiberglass gel coat was gone so we opted to get a PB who said he could drop in a vinyl liner in for us since the fiberglass walls were in decent shape. This seemed like the best approach based on research I've done on TFP. New plumbing, skimmers, lights, and a new set of concrete steps were also part of the remodel.

The process has been slow -- they started demoing the decking back in January. The PB has blamed issues with getting everything concrete related scheduled (finishers, pump, etc.). He also forgot to account for the height of the new decking around the pool relative to the height of the existing paver patio with the Stegmeier form he was planning to use. Instead he said he would use a "renovation" track for the liner that would just be directly attached to the walls underneath the cantilever coping.

The forms he ended up using were either just wood or what looked flexible PVC trim based on the texture. The forms didn't get installed until day of the pour otherwise I probably would've just stopped things right there. On the day of the pour everything started wrong when the PB couldn't be there due to a family emergency. It was then three separate crews that had been cobbled together trying to work and get everything done.

Issues I've noticed (I've got security camera footage of the pour that has helped me analyze a few things):
  • Sharp edge on cantilever, not formed at all like I would have expected based on other cantilever copings I've seen here
  • Control joints not cut all the way through to cantilever edge
  • Mismatched texturing on cantilever edge from different forms
  • Coping not straight, jagged edges along the edge due to forms not being lined up properly
  • Air bubble voids in concrete from not vibrating enough (I did not see them vibrating with the typical handheld concrete vibrator)
  • Didn’t use the "L" corner piece for the stegmeier deck drain and instead just hacked them to connect
  • Pretty sure they didn’t bond the ladder/railing cups
  • Concrete finishing around skimmers is rough
  • PB installed conduit for three new lights I was planning to add, but it looks like they didn't extend with 1.5" PVC far enough back, so I'm not even sure if the lights will fit since the housing will hit the 3/4 conduit. If this is an issue they would need to tear out the deck in those portions to extend the 1.5" PVC.
I'm sure some of this could be partially resolved without a total re-pour, but I'm not sure how it would ever be possible for it to ever look like what I was hoping it would. This has been a frustrating process that has taken a lot longer than we expected. PB is coming by today so I can go over all my concerns with him. Haven't paid him the big chunk of money yet for the concrete work (which I think he's expecting to get today). The main portion of the decking I could live with since it's fairly well done, but the coping definitely needs to be resolved. I'm planning to get the second opinion of another local concrete company that does pool decks as well.

Would my best option to propose either a total re-pour of the coping? I know they can also saw cut around the edges and replace with a precast coping, but I'm not sure I would love the look of precast | new concrete | pavers all next to each other. I know there are also remodel copings that go right over the top of concrete, and I would potentially be comfortable DIYing something like that since I've done some pavers/retaining walls/tile work work in the past.


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Was an expansion joint put in place between the coping and bond beam with felt paper or plastic sheets providing a decoupling slip joint?

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