Backwashing using separation tank


New member
May 23, 2015
Hi. I started off this season with a thorough cleaning of the filter. I opened it up and cleaned the filter grids, put everything back together and charged my DE filter with 5 lb. I had my water tested and my phosphates are super high so they told me to add No-Phos which I did this morning. I'm running the filter for 48 hours. I know that I need to clean the filter again after 48 hours. My question is do I just need to backwash or do I need to open up the entire filter and clean out all the grid again? I have a separation tank and I'm not really sure if I'm doing it correctly. What I have done in the past is turn the valve backwash for about a minute or so turn everything off and then open up the separation tank and clean out whatever is in there. if I do it that way how much DE do I use to recharge filter? since I would assume that a 1-minute backwash isn't going to remove all of the DE that is already on the grids. See pictures of set up.