Backwash hose issues

Water Cat

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Aug 30, 2020
I've had it with backwash hoses. Every time I backwash there's a new hole in the hose.

After going through three hoses this season alone, I purchased a 1 1/2" lay flat reinforced hose meant for an agriculture pump. Rigged up a steel nipple to the waste hole on the filter and attached a 90 degree elbow and a cam lock.

New system seems to work really well. The hose weighs alot more than a backwash hose though but a garden hose rack holds it up off the floor of the shed.

No more pool backwash hoses for me.

Anybody else have issues with backwash hoses?


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Mar 22, 2021
Yes, I switched to a 2” discharge hose from harbor freight which is surprisingly great quality. Originally I was going to do a cam lock but after getting the adapters it seemed a little overly fussy for the application so I switched to a standard 2” NPT threaded connector and have been very happy.
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