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Hey guys,

I had a question about the frequency of backwashing. Pool was constructed last fall, so this is my first year. It's been open since April. I have a Hayward DE filter and I was wondering how often to backwash. I have the pressure gauge set for the 10 psi increase, which is when my PB said I should backwash. But being open since April (clean starting pressure of 10 psi), the needle has barely moved above my start pressure. Currently it is just below 12 psi after about 3 months of operation. At the rate its moving, following the +10 increase method, at most I'd probably only have to backwash once this season (not that I would mind that) :party: .

Is this the correct rule to follow or should I backwash regardless after a set number of months?

Thanks for any advice!


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Apr 1, 2007
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Hi, Rob,

You are on the right track. Your pressure guage is the indicator a backwash is needed. If it doesn't go up, there is no need to backwash.


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May 7, 2007
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In addition to what duraleigh said, I would backwash the filter when the pressure gets to 16, rather than waiting for 20. Also, you should clean out the filter at least once a year, normally at the end of the swimming season, even if the pressure never gets that high.

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