Backfilling an Above Ground Pool


Jun 19, 2010
I recently installed an AGP on my sloped back yard. I built a 2 ft. retaining wall out of railroad timbers and backfilled with dense grade aggregage to sit pool on. After doing this, I still had to dig down approx. 2 ft. next to my house (within 4 feet of house) to level area for pool. Pool is now installed and I am wondering if I could backfill with dirt the 2 ft. trench around 1/2 of my pool. Also, will it hurt the pool for water to stand up against the wall if I don't backfill this area?

Thanks for any comments.



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Apr 17, 2010
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Mine is backfilled with dirt 2 ft. deep on the high side. Down to 1 ft on the low side. Check your warranty. Mine specifically says up to 2 ft. all the way around. It was "professionally" installed (cough, cough).
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