Back up and running


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Jun 26, 2007
Pool is done again filled ready to go it's now off by about 1inch we have to do levelling by hand no access to our yard from outside, I loved that before we bought the house now not so much. My hubby is great to do so much work so me and kids can enjoy the summer.


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May 15, 2010
Dayton, Ohio
Wow! It must have killed you to empty and redo. My husband spent 3 nights after work removing sod with a manual sod remover (a scraper-like thing on a pole). He is a SAINT. Then, all 4 of us spent 2
10 hour days in 88 degree, sunny, weather levelling by hand scraping and using a 2 x 4 with a carpenter's level.

We ended up having to remove quite a bit even from the low point as we found things in the ground (flattened wagon and other scrap metal). Ended up removing about 2 inches from the lowest point by hand scraping so as not to disturb the dirt. Then, on to the high point, as we were scraping we kept running into old tree roots and rocks that resulted in several not so big holes (which we packed down with dirt). We knew it was going to be a little off once the water was in (but we did add recessed patio pavers under the legs to help). When we take it down at the end of the season, we are going to add more dirt to that area to settle for next year. We plan on re-levelling (becasue hubby is a perfectionist and this inch is killing him) but it sure as heck will not be as labor intensive as this year!

This is out first pool and it is like a baby. Because it is off a little, I keep having these thoughts that it is going to collapse, but it feels very sturdy. I guess it is the new owner jitters. There has to be some room for variance with these pools...I have seen so many practically tilting with the water almost flowing out on one side! I keep telling myself to chill and just enjoy it.

Good luck and happy swimming with yours!



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Apr 25, 2010
south georgia
the pool will be fine! i'm off about 2'' here and there but especially on one side and its been up 5 weeks now and no problems! :wink:

these pics show how mine is off about 2''...however all is well![attachment=1:u8edf3qq]81874.jpg[/attachment:u8edf3qq][attachment=2:u8edf3qq]90401.jpg[/attachment:u8edf3qq]


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