Average Salt Reading not displaying


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Mar 2, 2017
Last summer after cleaning my TurboT-15 cell I proceed to calibrate the system and I decided to set the SWG to 70% a few days later I decided to put the SWG on Auto but the display still read 70%. I can adjust the percentage and the display will show the percentage but I cant get the cell back to Auto.


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Mar 2, 2011
Most likely one of your settings got changed to “AL-4” (This changes the default display from average salt to percent output). Go to the setting and move the switch from “Auto” to “Superchlorinate” and back to “Auto” until it reads AL-0.

If your settings are randomly changing, the display board is probably loose and needs to be reset.

Also, note that the system is still working correctly. The only thing that changes is the default display shows % output vs average salinity.

If you scroll through the readings, they should all be the same.

Double check the setting for T-cell size. Sometimes, if the display is loose, that will get changed randomly.

The temperature will sometimes get changed to metric. Instead of 77 Fahrenheit, it will show 25 Celsius.


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Mar 2, 2011
Diagnostic Displays
Sequential pushes of the small "diagnostic" button next to the LCD display will cause the Aqua Rite
to display the following information:
1. Pool temperature (xx degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius)
2. Cell voltage (xx.x volts)
3. Cell current (x.xx amps)
4. Desired Output % ("0P" -- "100P" depending on knob position or input from remote pool
automation controller)
5. Instant salinity ( -xxxx ppm or -x.xx grams/Liter)
6. Product name sent to the pool automation control display ("AL-0" which signifies "Aqua Rite")
7. Software revision level (r1.xx)
8. Chlorinator cell type (t-3, t-5, t-9, t-15)
On the 9th push of the button the display will revert back to the default salt display. Also, if the
button is not pushed for 30 seconds, the display will revert back to the standard salt display.
Here are what the readings mean.