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Feb 24, 2019
St. Louis
Had two cracks last year in the pool. Jerod (Owner Heintz Pool and Spa) was more than willing to repair then under warranty, but we decided to wait until this open season so I would not miss any fun last year. They scheduled opening with repair so everything was done in two days, that was very cool. I cannot tell you how well this company has taken care of me and my family. Jerod is the owner and has never avoided a call or text. I work with the front office as well.

So I've been doing some landscape lighting over the last three months. This was all designed and installed by me (It's not that hard). Still was not cheap as I decided to use RGBW wifi LEDS. Reason is that I believe my tastes and interest will change over time. This allows me the flexibility to alter stuff as stuff changes. A good example is that our Banana trees are just a stalk right now, but when they grow out, we'll light them.

These two photos are "over the top" Not my preferred look, but the boys LOVE Avatar, so we went that way as a test.



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Jun 7, 2017
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I love a nice lit-up pool area! Great job! I agree with James - green is not a good look lol!

How do you control the lights? I'd love to see a build-sheet for it. I have just simple low-voltage home depot lights controlled by my Aqualink for on/off (dusk to dawn timer).
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