Aux valve A


Dec 27, 2018
I'm trying to setup aux valve A to operate my solar panel diversion on an easytouch. I have everything connected but I cant get the valve to rotate to bypass. I have solar enabled in the panel but I only get power on the black/white wires. Weather on Spa or pool the power is always on the black/white. How do I get the valve to rotate to bypass solar when in spa mode?


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

I don't have solar, but looked through the manual and did not see where it specifically said the by-pass should work in the Spa mode..

But, it does appear you can select the source of heat in both the Pool mode and the Spa mode and assume this should do what you want...

Menu, Heater, Pool Temp SCR... set to Solar pref... Spa Temp SCR... Set to Heater

I would also make sure the by-pass valve is set up so that it always in the by-pass mode unless the solar panels are calling for solar.


Jim R.