Autopilot install on existing aquarite system?

May 3, 2008
My now 7 year old pool was built with a goldline aquarite salt generator. I had a less than pleasant experience with goldline-so much that for the past two years, I have been using chlorine tablets instead of salt. The last time my cell failed, goldline said that the warranty would only be 90 days unless I purchased a new control panel too. I declined. I'm tired of the expense and water quality involved with chlorine tabs and want to return to a salt system.

I understand that aquarite was sold and from what I've read, there have been better experiences with the system. I'm really gunshy about returning to a product that I felt... ...well you get the idea. However, my system is already plumbed and ready for an aquarite-my Aqualink will talk to an aquarite-a lot of incentive to return despite the crappy treatment last time.

I've been reading with interest about the Autopilot system and am curious as to how much modification it will require in order to get it to work? Will I have to make some modifications to the plumbing? From what I understand, it will talk to my aqualink. Is this a project that I can install? I am certain that I can install the aquarite. And lastly, are the aquarites any better now quality wise as opposed to 3 years ago?
In all fairness, I think the Aquarites are better than in the past.
Heck, I've heard from owners of older AutoPilot systems that were unhappy, and thankfully, I begged and pleaded for them to give us another chance.

But not to discourage you from getting an AutoPilot.

Yes, the AutoPilot will fit in the space that the Aquarite cell is located.
Although it will communicate with the Aqualogic, I don't recommend wiring it that way, that is, so that your have control over the system from your in house panel.
The Pool Pilot has a few features that you will lose by wiring it to communicate.
1) Automatic Temperature Compensation - in which the amount of chlorine generated changes automatically with temperatures warm up (more chlorine) or cool down (less chlorine). Wiring it to communicate means you will need to test more often and make adjustments needed to avoid low chlorine (wummer) or over chlorination (winter).
2) Salt addition amount - The Digital unit shows you how much salt to add to maintain 3000 ppm.

Hope this helps.