Autopilot DIG-220 SC-48, with a timer and a Haward 1 1/2 hp


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May 1, 2010
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Confused on how to wire this- (my pool will be completed tomorrow!!) From power supply to Timer, to Autopilot, to Pump-correct? I have the optional relay for dual speed pumps on the autopilot, so will the autopilot then control the hi/low speed of the pump?? There is a manual switch on the back of the pump...what abouth that switch, unhook or what?

Any help would be appreciated!!


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May 7, 2007
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There is more than one way to set this up, which is probably where some of the confusion comes from.

The most obvious setup is to have the timer control when the pump runs, and then have the AutoPilot control hi vs. low speed. In that case you run power from the beaker to the timer, to the AutoPilot, to the pump, and remove the speed switch on the pump. Follow the diagram in the AutoPilot manual for wiring a two speed pump and consult the wiring plaque on the pump motor for how to wire the motor.

You could instead have the switch on the pump control the speed, then wire from the timer to the AutoPilot and also run from the timer to the pump, and leave the switch in place.