Autopilot DIG-220 problems - please help...


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Mar 3, 2013
My unit worked perfect for about 6 years. Last season I started getting errors flashing, water temp and salt reading all of the place and the unit wasn't producing chlorine. I

I replaced the temp / salt sensor and that took care of that issue. I tried to clean the cell but still no chlorine. If figured it was just at the end of it's life so I finished out the season using shock and then bought a replacement cell this season.

I'm installed the new cell and went in and reset the hours on the unit. I'm producing chlorine - actually too much and still getting errors. I have not seen the unit move off of 100% now for the two weeks or so i've had it running. I just tested the chlorine and i'm at 7ppm!!.

The unit is flashing with these errors coming and going - "Check/Clean cell", "low amps-cell" and today I saw it say that the cell was cleaning.

Anyone have an idea of what's going wrong ? Should I try to replace the cell connector ? Do I need to replace the board inside the control unit ?

Thanks for the help