Automation Overkill?


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Apr 21, 2021
I'm being told that I've gone too excessive with my automation but I'd argue I'm just creating efficiency so I can spend more time swimming and less time messing around with trying to maintain my pool.

My PB sold me a "fully automated" system which in reality was far from that. Having two actuators and an app isn't any type of automation by my definition so I had to change that.

I already upgrade from a Jandy RS4 to an RS8. I then added a total of 9 actuators, 4 Auxiliary JVA relay boards, a Smart JVA module, autofill, and 2 Flow Vis meters (which I love by the way).

I run my suction cleaner two hours a day in which the main drain and skimmer close, and vacuum valve opens.

Then I added a JVA on my spa return for spillover feature so water goes through the return in the bottom drain rather then the jets which I schedule 4 times a day to turn over fresh water in the spa.

I had to add a Smart JVA to control % flow to a bubbler water feature (for my 4 year old daughter).

For the spa blower I added a 3 way valve with a JVA so when blower is off, the valve closes and no air can be sucked into the line into the jets. (I was having issues with spa jets always blowing air bubbles)

A JVA on the heater bypass was added so water isn't constantly flowing through heater and it periodically opens to keep the water in the heat exchanger fresh. (Thinking about recamming the valve to stay cracked open when in the off position)

Has anybody else had the itch to never have to manually turn a valve again?


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