Automation control box - tell me if this is a good idea


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Sep 29, 2008
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Right now, all the pool automation relays are contained in a metal box at the back of my property. It's starting to rust pretty badly and I find it's in an inconvenient location so I'm thinking of moving everything into my shed. Also, the metal box shields the WiFi relays so I don't get a reliable connection with my access point.

If I were to move the control system into my shed, I would place it between the joints (16" apart). The shed is unfinished inside. Could I just build a wooden box to contain it between the joists or do I need to use a UL rated enclosure?

I'm not trying to be cheap. It's just that the DIY box would be perfectly sized and I can mount a hinged cover on the outside of the joists. All the off-the-shelf enclosures I've seen seem to be imperfect size. Also, I don't need the box to be waterproof. I would caulk any openings just to keep mice out.

Also, I read somewhere that low voltage and high voltage wiring should not be contained in the same enclosure. However, the control box that was installed by my contractor (and approved by the city), already has a mix of both. Any comments?

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Jun 22, 2009
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I recommend that you use a rated enclosure.
There are a few out there that are 'stud' width (14½") to mount in the wall.
Here's one. Leviton RF-Transparent Structured Enclosure

I doubt that you have any high voltage equipment to worry about. In residential settings, high voltage is considered as anything over 600 volts. (we don't consider it high voltage until it's greater than 35KV)

Having said that, I like to separate anything under 50 volts and anything DC (direct Current) from anything above 50 volts and AC (alternating current).