Automating Heater with Hayward Ecommand


Jun 11, 2012
Hey guys,

Just put in a new pool, I was the contractor so had to wire up all the automation myself. So maybe this is a newbie question! I have a Hseries hayward natural gas heater 350k, a hayward ecostar pump, and a Ecommand 4 with remote. I've tried to learn the complex menus in the ecommand and i've "enabled" the heater in spa mode and set the temp to 104. I've wired the pump and heater to the ecommand panel. So here's what happens when Push spa mode button.

1. Pump shuts down for 35 seconds
2. actuators turn to appropriate spa mode positions
3. Heater tries to turn on, with clicking, but eventually i get the LO error since no water is flowing since actuators are still turning and pump is off.
4. Pump starts up.
5. Pool is now is "spa" mode
6. heater never comes on due to "LO" error

So, I can see I can disable the pump from shutting off during the actuator/mode shift, and this I assume would fix the heater issue as there would be water flow. would this damage the valves over time? Surely there's a better way or something im missing, so that the heater comes on after spa mode is completely ready to go and pump is running again? Like a delay or something?

Heater works fine if i manually turn it on when not in bypass mode.



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Jul 6, 2011
No you won't damage the valves as many system don't shut off the pump while the valves turn. Just hopefully the valve by the pump doesn't turn in the direct that would tempoarlity deadhead the pump while it's turning.


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Aug 28, 2012
Houston, TX

you need to first make sure your pump is running full speed before you initiate the heater, otherwise the LO is telling you there's no enough water being moved through the system for heater to kick-on. The heater does have a delay, but not 35 seconds...

You need to make the pump come on instantly in spa mode, not a 35 sec delay. If you do this, then the heater will come on after the pump is on and in spa mode...I personally like to initiate the heater to come on after I know everything is running properly - Also, what made you choose the ecostar pump? good luck


Jun 11, 2012
okay I disabled the cool off for the valves turning and somehow i got the ecommand to let me do the heater manual. so everything is controlled via my remote puck and its fantastic. Thanks for everybody's help