Automating a Pool in Cairo (the Land of the Pharoahs) !


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Aug 13, 2010
Hi all ! this is my first post on this extremely helpful site. We just finished construction on our new (first) pool. Concrete, 21,000 gallons L-shaped with a negative edege on 3-sides of the L . I purchased an Intelliflo VF, and have a Hayward 30 inch sand filter and a Heat Siphon heatpump is on its way for winter use (Cairo is desert like Arizona so gets extremes).

Because of the surrounding desert we have a near-constant fine mist of dust settling daily on the surface and settling on bottom. We have just started filling the pool and have not opened it yet.

Currently there is no automation. We were going to program the VF pump to filter at low rate most of the day and high rate in the evening. The Heat pump would basically shutoff with the low flow and turn on when the flow increases. Cleaning would have been a poolvac pole on the suction done manually.

My questions are as follows:

How do i get the pool to clean itself daily ? I am at work 14 hours a day and won't have time to do this more than once a week. Robotic cleaner? How can this be done without my constantly having to go and turn on/off valves? What sort of control panel should i use from Pentair or other? Do i have to put in autoactuator valves?? PLEASE HELP

Pentair and Hayward distributors here know zilch !! So i will have to do all.

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Desperate in Cairo !
21,000 gl, inground concrete, negative edge, L-shaped, all glass mosaic, 2 inch plumbing, Pentair VF 3050, Hayward 30 sand filter, Hayward Chlorinator off-line, Heat Siphon 5Hp heatpump


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May 26, 2009
Welcome doc.

I have a similar shaped pool and I am also looking for an automatic pool cleaner. Pool school has some very useful info you must read.



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Aug 13, 2010
Thank you for the very quick reply !!

So basically i would attach it to the suction and just leave it running except when we go swimming? Is this 24v going into it?

Thank you !


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Apr 1, 2007
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A robot only needs an electrical hook-up. Here in the States, a 110v outlet.

It has a self contained pump(s) and is unrelated to your pool circulatory system.


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Aug 13, 2010
Thanks Dave ! any specific makes you recommend?

Will check out Poolschool- thank you Mirage!

The internet is truly a gem