Automatic Water Fill For Intex Pool


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Jun 28, 2010
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Hi everyone :wave:

This question is for the plumbing and pumping experts.

I will be starting on my hard plumbing project for my pool. Connecting the pool to the pump then filter then to the SWG and finaly to the pool. I have the Intex sand filter combo and will be using 2" pipe and fitings. I know the intex threads are not standard but I have checked the fit with standard threads and I can make it work. I will be using unions so I can disconnect everything if needed.

Now here comes the questions.

I'm tired of hanging a water hose over the side of the pool to add water. I want to add a fitting to my plumbing so I can just connect a water hose to it and not over the side of the pool.

1. Where in the plumbing should I put the fitting?
2. After the pump before the filter?
3. After the filter before the SWG?
4. After the SWG?
5. Should I use a check valve or ball valve to keep the pool water from going out the hose fitting when the hose is not connected?
6. Can I fill the pool while the pump is running or will the pump preasure keep the water from entering the plumbing?

Here are a couple before pictures.

Current water look :party: .


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Oct 29, 2009
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It seems like it would be easiest to put in a normal hose spigot, but I'm not sure how you could do that with flex hose. I think after the SWG would be best, since if you're adding fresh water upstream of it you could conceivable lower the salt level enough that it would shut off.

Honestly though, what's wrong with tossing the hose over the side? It seems like a lot of work to install whatever fittings you'd require, and you would still need to hook up the hose and remember to turn it off.